Sunday, 28 August 2016

Compound Sentences

Today my literacy class is doing compound sentences. I compound sentences means that all the words that make a sentences is better, here's are examples.

 1. I went to the shops with my sister because we had to buy so milk

 2. When me and my family went to the pools we had lots of fun

 3. My favourite food is butter chicken even though I also like bolognaise

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Walt: Solve fraction problems where the numerator is greater than one

Friday, 12 August 2016

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Rio mascot

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Did you know that the Rio Mascot 2016  is a cat that is mixed with a monkey, that is similar colours like the olympic rings his name is vinicius. Vinicius can stretch and can jump swing on trees,can jump on bubbles.                                              
He can run so fast and has a green tail,he
has a mixture of brazilian animals, he has very long legs,Vinicius can stretch his legs as long as his legs can stretch  he has dimples on his cheeks,he’s faster,he’s also can jump higher,he’s strong,he likes to smile all the time.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Immersion assembly

On Monday The 25th of July We Had a Assembly Inside the hall and this our theme was We are the Champions. And finally Mr Burt came back with kevin the kiwi and Mrs Burt and During The Assembly mrs nua was doing mr Burt's makeup and then after that He started talking. Soon after Mr Burt was finished it was Team 1’s Video Then Mrs George Had Some Chocolate And she was going to ask kids questions. And their video was about how to eat healthy food and how to drink healthy drinks. And Then it came onto Team 2, and Theirs was about how you can do Sports like soccer,basketball, swimming, boxing, and any sport That you can do. And up next was Team 3. Team 3 is learning about challenging each kid in their class. And Then When They finish finishing challenging with every kid In their class They will VS Their Teacher Miss king And learn also Athletes. And Then Mr Burt Said it’s time for Team 4. And Mr Somerville came up and He said That Team 4 is Learning all about a virus and a Geography and also Rio Olympics. And The Most funniest Team was Team 5 Because Their Dance was funny Because the first person to dance was miss berry and Then They had to Do Her Score and Then it was Miss clark and They had to do The same as miss berry and it was time for Mr Wiseman and his one was funny. And Their dance was Amazing.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pizzas as Fractions

Olympic Torch


The Olympic torch has five layers and the Olympic rings as well. The torch has silver all around it and cut out squiggles go from thick to thin in different colours. On the squiggles there are different colours like light blue, lime green, dark blue, black turquoise. Also at The top of The torch is the flame that is bright as the sun.