Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Rio mascot

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Did you know that the Rio Mascot 2016  is a cat that is mixed with a monkey, that is similar colours like the olympic rings his name is vinicius. Vinicius can stretch and can jump swing on trees,can jump on bubbles.                                              
He can run so fast and has a green tail,he
has a mixture of brazilian animals, he has very long legs,Vinicius can stretch his legs as long as his legs can stretch  he has dimples on his cheeks,he’s faster,he’s also can jump higher,he’s strong,he likes to smile all the time.


  1. Gwynn, I love all of the details that you have included in your description of Vinicius. However, I would really like you to start reading your work before you post it to double check for full stops and capital letters.

  2. ok next time i'll make sure to add full stops,thank you Mrs moala for leaving a comment.