Thursday, 7 December 2017


WALT -  Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems AND decimal addition and subtraction.

This week we have been learning about what decimals are and trying to work out what the answer was, some of them may have been hard to solve but I tried to do my best at giving it a go.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Mixture of problems

WALT -  Create maths problems for our friends to solve
This Week we have been doing maths work,on a presentation called Your the Teacher,but I have created some of my own word problems for my friend to solve,I also have to try and solve their one as well, I Created this presentation for you to solve. Please Enjoy and try and give it a try.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

School Athletics on Friday

Last week we had Athletics.The whole school had came Together and met on the Hard court, when the rest of Team 5 had sat down, it was handed Ms Vaafusuaga, After Ms Finished talking Mr Burt let us go to our first Rotation. For the year 7 Girls The First Rotation we went to was Long throw,or long ball, For long ball you have to throw the baseball a Distance.

You would throw the ball and then it's the next person's turn. Long ball was fun even though some of us tried our best - some just mostly failed. After we finished Long ball,Next the year 7 girls went to Dodge ball. For Dodge ball was kinda fun because we would have to vs like the Green Team,Yellow Team, Blue Team and the Red Team. Tia was the girl that was running the Dodge ball, we had to wait a while till the next Team had lost. Then it would be the next Teams turn and they would have to vs the Team that came first.

Then when the trumpet blew it was time for us to move to our next rotation. Finally when we had finished doing Dodge ball The next rotation was volley ball, when we went on cause the red team that was my Team was versing the Green Team. The red Team almost won because if the ball just came right over then we would of hitten over and we would of won the first round of volleyball. The score for we got was 5 and 4. The next team up was yellow and blue, blue played good cause they bait the yellow Team. Even though we Tried our personal best.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday, 6 November 2017


This week we have been reading poem's and some story's like reading fun facts about learning heart facts. like what is our heart divided into, how many times can a child's heartbeat in a minute.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Orchestral Instruments

This Term we have been learning about Music.because this theme for this Term is Musical madness, so the whole school has been learning about what music is and how you can make your own music. but for Team 5 we have to do a presentation about What are Orchestral Instruments. so we would have to research and write up what it is and what instruments are there. The orchestral instruments I liked is the Strings. I like the String's because they'll be kind of easy to do it, but I would have to practice a lot to learn the Violins.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Test Practice

This Week we have been learning about add/sub problems, multi/division and Fractions.

Guest Speaker - In Team 5

This Morning at 9:25,All of Team 5 had to meet in the street because there was a guest coming to talk to us about something,Then When Mr Patterson came to talk to us about what are we launching in our future, we knew what he was going to talk to us about. First we talked about What is our Aim for success, There were three letters A + I = M, it had taken quite time for all of us to figure it out, then some kids put up their hands The A stands for Aspiration. Aspiration means when your parents or your alarm wake's you up in the morning, Your just thinking about how is your day going to turn out, either is it going to be a great day for you or another boring day for you as always.

And Then I Stands for Inspiration, Inspiration is for when some one that inspire's you in something, some one that tells you to go for your Dream, To whatever your dream is, just go for it and never give up on that Dream. After some kids solved what inspiration means, it was on it the next letter. The Last one was M, M also stands for Motivation, It means when some one motivate's you, It was onto the next slide it said Aim for success! Aiming for success means Aiming for your future and upcoming things like going to college. because he came here to talk to the year 8's and the year 7's to. but he came to talk to the year 8's about college because it's their last year here in Team 5.

Be a Giver not a Taker. because if you be a giver then you are doing the right thing to the person your giving to. if you take from some one that means your not doing the right thing and your just Taking something that isn't the right thing to do. Because Mr Patterson was saying to us that he just came back from Australia and he got here and he said that his flight just got cancelled, and he said he had been waiting in line. There were about 100 people waiting in line, he said he saw a young couple and their 3 children that was under 5.because they were at the end if the line. so he went up to them and told them if they wanted to come to the front of the line. so they did go up to the front of the line, so he didn't Take, He gave him his spot were he was standing.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Addition and Subtraction Word problems

This week we started to do Addition and Subtraction word problems. We have been Practising for next week is Testing and we have to be ready to do addition or any other maths.

My Time @ Pt England school

We have to write about Our time At Pt England school.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Post about Table Master

Table master is good for your brain. its helps your brain improve more in maths, and there's heaps of time tables you can do.

There's so many to pick,but the hardest is 13 time tables. everyone in room 1 likes to play table table sometimes. there's high scores they they can see what their best record is.


 My high score in 9 time tables were this for example.


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Word Problems?

This week we have been learning how to so figure out word problems.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Team Assembly

On Monday the 16th of October, We had a Team Assembly, because it’s now Term 4 and its nearly the end of 2017. The Team theme for this term is called musical madness. This morning the whole school had a Team Assembly.The Team management had some songs made up, also with their instruments.

The first Team that went up first was Team one, Theirs was about playing Snap with each other. And laughing Together,playing songs like sad, happy angry that was playing in the background.every time the music would change their mood,then after they were finished Then they explained what Team 1 was going to do this term.

The next Team up was Team 2, Their one about in the Jungle. Ms gaston played the ukulele while single in the Jungle. And the other three teachers played other instruments like the drum, rattle. Then after they played in the jungle they went again,but this time they were like rockstars playing their instruments like fast as. Their one was funny, and then they finished.

The next team up was team 3. Was called music in life, their one was hilarious because it had to be a video. The teachers would come in the class while mr moran was sitting on the couch, three teachers walk in they talk to each other by singing.

Next one up was Team 4. Music in the car makes it more fun, their one funny to. Because their singing in the car while driving, then its was like rock star music. funky music playing, and jazz music. then they explained what their doing for this term.

Team 5 was up next. Team 5 was all about other Teams but watching movies. Normal movies, horror movies. how you feel emotional about movies, either you cry or you laugh,Eating popcorn with each other.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Experience about Maniakalani Film festival movie

What I enjoyed doing filming in the film festival movie, well while we we like recording every body was just so excited,what I enjoyed was when it was my turn to film we had keep going back and forward to other place's because every where we went the clouds would keep on blocking the sun from my teacher trying to film me. But I really like enjoyed filming and it was fun, but when the water balloon went on my head and I had popped it my hair just got so wet, but yeah It was fun!

what did I find challenging... well what I found challenging was that my teacher had to pop two balloons on my head. and the water was so cold and we kept had to film then not film and it was so difficult. that how challenging that was for me.

what I'd do better at next time. well I hope next time that the clouds just don't keep blocking the sun so we don't have to keep going every where else and I hope I do much much better next time we film a movie like that.

Any idea's I had for the Next film I am in - if we do another film festival movie for next year. all I hope for is that I hope I come up with some better Idea's.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Making pizza's at Tech

Today at Tech we made pizza's,me and my friend had to first had to get the ingredients and get a trolley. after we got the ingredients that we needed. first we had to grab two chopping boards out a red one and a green one, the green one is for the vegetables and the red one is for meat. after a while we started to cut and dice our meat and vegetables. then after we finish we would have to put it on to in pizza pastry. Then we it was done and we put the sauce on then put it in the oven.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Calculate the Perimeter and Area

This week we have been learning about the perimeter and the area of a 2D shape. also we have been doing Perimeter's and Area's. and what a perimeter is a edge of a shape, area inside a shape.

Film Festival blog

This week we are making a film festival/maniakalani movie for Term 4. for the film festival my class,room 1 is doing a slow motion movie, and its going to be amazing!

well first we had to plan what we were going to do. plus,everybody in our class had to pick which part were they were going to do, then a week later our home teacher Mr wisemen started filming kids from that where like going mouse trap with a glass bottle. blowing bubble gum,throwing water balloons at their face/Stomach.

Then on Friday/Today we went outside on the field to film some more because some of us didn't want to do it because it was so so freezing!!! then some boys wanted to do the balloon on the face and the stomach. it was funny because when Mr wisemen threw the balloon at one of the boys in my home class,the balloon didn't even pop but it like made his face wobble a bit. After the boys had a go with the water balloon,one girl - Lotu wanted to do water balloon on her face, it went well,but one thing was when the water went everywhere.

Friday, 1 September 2017

I Wonder Question...

This Term our theme is Guardians of the Galaxy,but in team 5 we are learning about the Universe and new planets that haven't been discovered yet.

Online Profile

Monday, 28 August 2017

Final Speech - Friday

On Friday at 12.00 we had to go quickly into the Street. we had to sit in our home room,Kids from the other seniors had to stand and say their speech in front of the whole Team 5. three kids from each literacy got chose to do their speech. The first one up was Amelia,when she came up it looked like she was so nervous. but she stood there with confidence and she said her speech, her speech was about her nana, she said that a few years ago when she was at her old school,her nana was working,her job was cleaning, and it was a sad and a happy speech and I liked it. 

But my Favourite speech was when Roimata said her speech about the legend about the cook island's! her Speech was my favourite because how she was warning us about the cook island's and how she said that there was a story about a girl and this man was in love and then they got married,but then people heard them arguing about something,then she had died.because she either got poison. then she was also telling us that at night you could hear a woman and a baby crying, running down a mountain. Then we all clapped!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Skylar and Kenzie - Under cover Ghost - Part 2

Then After I had said bye to Luis I new that he liked me,but I wasn’t supposed to be worrying Romance now because we had a problem’’. We still had a problem and still didn’t get why my phone was under the Furniture couch.

We quickly got to practice when the manager saw she said ‘You’re Late’’Again, sorry Rina,we woke up late and we forgot all about practice because we thought it was on Tuesday not Sunday. Girls we only have 10 more days until the finals. But if you want to be late again then you can kiss you’re championships final goodbye. But, but, I was speechless,going to the championships was my dream,and if I don’t go to the championships then I can’t graduate from high school.

Hey Kenzie,said skylar, yeah I said,have you seen the new update from Iris’s page,she inviting us to her Halloween party at her house. Wow I thought in my head, I’ve never been to an actual party before,well said Skylar we better get ready in an hour cause the party starts at 7.00. And we don’t want to miss out.

Practice was nearly over and I couldn’t wait to go to the party. Hey skylar, what are we gonna wear to the party, mmmm, we better go shopping then. If we want to go go go. Our practice was over, me and skylar hopped in the car and went straight to the shopping mall, when we walked into the mall I was shocked! With all the costumes so me and skylar first tried on some of the costumes then while skylar was trying some costumes on I wanted to go and look for me a outfit, then I saw this bride skeleton costume that had this bright white on it,then when skylar came out,I was holding the outfit,she was cool costume you found.

Which section did you find it,well I just saw it hanging up there we're there we're the rest of the costumes. Well you’ll look cool in that she said, Thanks. Well we better get ready. So me and skylar went back to my house to get ready,well we we're at my house we started to do our hair and makeup.

At my house we got change and we did our hair and makeup. after we got ready we both took a photo then we left the house. Hey kenz, yeah,we're are you’re parents, oh there at a university for someone, but they're not gonna be back until Friday. Hey kenz shouldn’t we be going cause it’s going to 7.00 and we better get going.

Hey there’s Iris’s house, I drove onto the side of the footpath, then me and skylar went in, Hey kenz, yeah, is every one here from school. Yep, wait wait even Luis I think so, I don't know if he's here but you know he's friends with my brother. Foreal yeah. their like been friends since they were little, and yeah. so if my brother's here then he's here.

When I had heard that Luis was skylar brother even better. I went to go and grab a drink because I was thirsty. when sky was calling for me she said it was urgent, she said when I went to go find Julie,Julie was her sister, and she was the second oldest of them and she loved her sister Julie and she had to look after her while their parents were away.

 but when she said it was urgent, she had said that she couldn't find her sister and she had wondered off somewhere with someone? 

But who,I said,I have no Idea,well we better find her said skylar,Ok but first can we first find Lucis he texted me earlier that he would meet me here at the party. Kenzie,we have to find Julie,sky,was panicking. she was gonna lose it if we didn't find her.

Suddenly we heard scary sounds coming from upstairs, um Kenz, can u hear that noise,um sky we better leave now,cause I have a feeling that something bad is going to happend. oooooooooo, something was in the room, the door slammed so hard that we had goose bumps. me and skylar didn't think that we were going to make out alive,we both think we were going to Die!

it was a ghost that was in the room and we could both see it,it had said to us, I have come to haunt you both. because I have unfinished business to do. the ghost had looked so familiar,it had seem that I'd seen it before,but when it had said that it had come back to do unfinished business, then it must of came back to kill some people.

the ghost was a teen age girl that was so pretty,but why would anyone kill an teen age girl, me and sky were meritorious,we had to figure out why she had come back. when we went down stairs we saw Julie,Skylar ran quickly to her to see if she was alright,also where she was. Julie sky said were where you,me and Kenzie were looking for you,oh I was with my friends at the back were the pool was,we checked at the pool if you were there. well then you's weren't looking properly for me.

you know what when you're with your friends I want you to stay close to me Ok,Julie. That was just weird that her sister wasn't by the pool,then we came back from up stairs she was at the pool.

To also be continued.........

Friday, 11 August 2017

Skylar and Kenzie - The Haunting ghost for unfinished business

One Day me and my bestfriend Skylar we're going to Gymnastics. But before me and Skylar we're going to practice I tried to look for my phone. When Skylar called my name out “Kenzie I quickly ran to see we're she was. She was in the bathroom,I looked at her and said “what is it Skylar. She said I found your phone under the couch when I was trying to also look for my iPad cause of last night at the sleepover. Then, I thought to myself why would my phone be under the couch when last night I Just charged it and this morning it was gone.

Skylar thought that it must of been a ghost,I said why would a ghost take my phone off my charger when it was ZERO patient. Well I don’t know said Paris,it had been a mystery and when I went to go check,I already said forget it Skylar lets just go to practice or else we’re gonna be late. Ok said Skylar.

When we had got to practice we saw Luis,I quickly said hi to him before he  

Got into his car. He said Hi as well, What are you doing here,said Luis,oh me and skylar are are going practice for the Championship this Saturday for the Finals. Oh cool,well I just came because my sister told me to drop off her bag and her phone because she had forgotten it again’’. Ok then well I gotta go because I got work. Ok bye Luis I said softly.

To Be Continued......

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Video for measurements/ Measuring mates & things

Today we are learning about doing measurements, well first we had to make a presentation,then we had to make a video to show how we were going to work it out.

Friday, 4 August 2017

My Mother

                     My Mother Introduction: 

My Mother's name is Margaret Ioteva whose kids, are Gwynn and Karmar . My mother is a unique individual person, she is hardworking and loving a mum. 

 Paragraph 1: Looks Like When you take a glimpse of my mum you will see her beautiful black hair and earrings. She is an independent, strong beautiful soul who is a competitive in everything she does.

 Paragraph 2: Taste Like My mum is a delicious chocolate sundae because when you have it you feel complete and when you don’t you are uncomplete. She is the sun because she always shines through my stormy days!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Add/Sub S6 - Split hundreds, tens and ones

Today we learnt about splitting numbers into one and tens and hundreds,to solve subtraction problems.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tenths/Hundredths Block Decimals

This Week we have been learning about solving Tenths/hundredths Block decimals.We had to try and solve out the problem by adding and subtracting them Together.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Now that's Thinking

Our Group name is Royalty's. and our Chosen Idea was Chalk board and shoe rack.

Week 1
Ms Tapuke said to us that we had to get into groups of four or three.after we finished getting into our groups,we started doing our planning.

Week 2

This week we had to think about the Ideas about what we're we going to do and create when the stuff had arrived.

Week 3

Note.our group is always changing and two other girls left the group,and now it’s only three of us,but another girl came and now there’s four of us.
Week 4
This week we decided to change our plan,because we all thought that making bag holders was just boring.
Week 5
So we had made up our minds we're going to make a shoe rack and a chalk holder,because aretafaye came with making a chalk board, All we need is the stuff that we're going to write and send it to our inquiry Teacher.
Week 6
Today we started to move on to our real planning,for our Chalk board and Shoe of the girls sent the things we needed for the design’s that we're making.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Visual Mihi

Hi this is my visual Mihi. On the top left shows how much I love to play Netball because it is my favourite sports to play. and on the top right shows how proud I am to be Cookisland Maori.and last but not least I love my Family very much.I hope you enjoyed my visual mihi.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Mixture of Problems

WALT -  Identify the equation to solve the problem

This week were learning about Identifying the equation's and trying to solve the problems.

Healing Honey

Link to Video

Idea City

WALT -  Make inferences about what has changed and what would have helped people

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Decimal Fractions

Decimal fractions

Place value practice with tenths

We are learning to use tenths

Example: Fill in your worksheet as shown

Example: 345.6


Expanded number: 300 + 40 + 5 + 6/10

Exercise 1

What to do
  1. Fill in your worksheet
  2. Then expand your number

1) 34.5 (2) 8.7 (3) 2.1

4) 18.9 (5) 23.8 (6) 1.6

7) 0.5 (8) 0.2 (9) 3.9

10) 15.2 (11) 15 (12) 674

13) 1023 (14) 1045.6 (15) 300.1

16) 89.4 (17) 0.9 (18) 0.3

19) 104.3 (20) 100.5

Expanded number



























Exercise 2

Decimal fraction











Exercise 3
Underline the tenths in each question

1)  34.6 (2) 78 (3) 345.9

4)  1234.6 (5) 67.9 (6) 0.012

7)  59.345 (8) 12345.8 (9) 456.67

10)  12.89 (11) 0.897 (12) 21.21

Exercise 4
Highlight the digit in the tens place

1) 24 741 (2) 18 932 (3) 78.043

4) 567.15 (5) 4536. 407

Exercise 5

Add one tenth () to each of these numbers

1)  0. (2) 0.3 (3) 12.0

4) 24.4 (5) 12.6 (6) 168.4

7)  2145.2 (8) 0.9 (9) 23.9

Exercise 6

Take one tenth () from each of these numbers

1) 39.⅕   (2) 32.1/0 (3) 123.⅙   

4) 0.1/88 (5) 45.⅕ (6) 56.1/0

7) 286. 1/1 (8) 39.1/0 (9) 8.1/1

10) 478.1/29