Friday, 26 February 2016



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Once upon a time there were two Volcanoes but they were Split up. because one was up and one was down. because there was a lady volcano,and man volcano, so the volcano up top had to sing a song Because he was lonely. and the song he sang was called i had a Dream, so he sang the song for one year. so he had to sing that same song and when he erupted something strange happened When he erupted the volcano underneath had erupted.and When she had erupted she had heard the other volcano singing up above the water. so she when she went up to see what he was doing then. the volcano Lady grown into a tall volcano. Then the Lady volcano looked all around then she was so sad that she sang the man volcano a song. under the water the man volcano was so Alone under the water that he heard his song that he got go so Lava that they. went together. and they saw each other for the first time.that they sang their songs together then After four weeks that they got married. and all the sea Animals came to see there Wedding The End.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Gwynn Duffy Theatre

On Tuesday the 9th we had  A Duffy show at pt England School. and we had to have it in the hall. and the year 5,6,7 were there, then we had to wait for them to start. and then they started the Duffy show but the first thing we did was we had to sing the Duffy song.

After we finished singing the Duffy song they said what actors were their gonna be. and then roby said that she was going to be an old lady and a little girl. and then Duffy went through time travel to save roby’s Dad from the war.

and then duff came back with roby’s Dad because Duffy saved roby’s Dad. and she got to read.

and then it was finished and to me it was cool and amazing acting and a good show.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Algebra Patterns

I have been learning About Algebra patterns using shapes and colours and numbbers Check out my work here.