Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Holiday Highlight

In the School Holidays me and my family went to G.I pools. first we got change into our togs then after that
me and my aunty and cousins  went in the big pool and had lots of fun with our water guns. because in the little pool  my mum and my little sister were swimming with my aunty as well.

then after we were  getting ready to  have lunch.we had watermelon and chips, Drinks and then me and my cousins and my little sister went to go play on the pack and played tagged. until my mum says we're going back in the pool and when I got into the pool there were lots of people playing and doing Swimming lessons.

after I went in the pool I was getting cold so i jumped out of the pool and got changed and then after I got changed we went to my Nanas house, me and my cousins just  played on the trampolineand we did pass’s and played tagg .

and then when the sun was coming down we had to go inside and have dinner and then after dinner we had desert. and the desert was so  delicious because we had chocolate mousse and  ice cream, banana cake and then after that i was so full and we All went to sleep.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Term 2 Tinkring Tools and Toys

This term our topic is all about Technology .we are trying to solve a problem that relates
to our everyday life at School . we are going to create a game that we are going to play when it is a rainy days