Wednesday, 9 December 2015

word problems

Walt: Use more than one strategy to help us solve multiplication problems

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Market day recount

In our trade and enterprise groups we had to have three partners to do the market. because you can’t do the market without any friends. and so first we had to make sure that kids came to see that if some of the kids wanted to buy some.

first we had to set up our market were the year 5’s area is. and we were setting up so that kids could come and see what we were making and we couldn't sell until after morning tea so we had morning tea and then When the 2nd bell went for morning tea we had to go back to class and wait for the teachers to say go to your trade and enterprise group’s and so we went. to our trade and enterprise group’s. and when we got inside some kids came and went to buy some food and things the food and the things are the cupcakes, the loom bands, also some candles and some drums.

there were lots of customers that wanted to buy loom bands and even in the corner where room 9 is they were selling loom bands as well but theirs was different Then the loom band makers.

we got lots of pt”s and pieces. because first they went to go and see how much was their things, then some of them came to the loom band makers and they said how much are your loom bands and then we said it was for 1pt for the large loom band and 2pt for the extra loom band.

so when we were finish our market and all our staff was all sold out we started cleaning up and putting the tables back where it was. and it was so fun when we had the market day.