Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Superhero Animation

Gwynn SuperGril from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This Term we have been doing our animations and we had to pick one superhero and then we would have to pick draw our background for our animation.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Paul martin visit

On Wednesday The 22nd of June We had a Guest That came to our School and He said That it was the first School in Auckland That he had been to. And his name was paul Martin, When he came Mr Somerville called all of us down to the Mat, and introduced himself even though some of us already new what his name was, And we saw his things and staff that He brought to show us because He was the one that made kory the kiwi the book.
And He was selling it for $15 and some of the kids in the year 5 space brought a book to but that was just some of them that brought it, and year 6 space too. And Then Mr Somerville said to us that paul martin is gonna go to the year 5 space first and Do drawing with all of the class’s in that area and then he’ll come to our space and tell us what does he do.

So when the bell Rang my friends were excited that he was coming to show us how to draw better, and just before the bell rang for morning tea it just started to Rain and we had mufti on because we were fundraising for the children with cancer.
And Then When the bell rang we watched penn and then the author came over, but the first class he went to first was room 6 and he talked about the same thing in every classroom and drawn the same thing in every class. Then finally he came to our class and he talked about how ever you want your characters want to be and your background and everything else that he talked about.And my favourite part was when we sang a song, and then he gave us a piece of paper. And we had to draw anything, and it made me feel that way because it was the first time that I’ve seen him before.
And thank you paul martin for coming to our School I hope that you come back soon to this School.      

Friday, 10 June 2016

Will He Save Her

Batman found out that joker was in town three days ago because batman was doing a mission for the government. And then on march the 7th batman found out that the joker was robbing people and stealing their money and taking their gold, and then batman swooshed in on the joker. Then joker threw his bombs  and he missed when he threw it to batman.

And Joker Said  Maybe next time I won’t miss right, and batman tried to get him but he was to fast, so when it was the morning he called super girl and she was doing a  mission to.she was doing a  mission for the president. Because she’s just finished saving the bank, from because a villain just escaped from prison.

So she to a  building where batman said to meet him there, so she Got  at the department, so they were talking and they had a plan to stop joker from destroying the city. So they found where joker was hiding his department.

Then they found it under the police station, so they got in there because they supergirl used her laser eyes to get in there. Batman said to supergirl let's split up so we can see where jokers hiding his weapons to destroy the city. So finally they found his secret wardrobe so they looked inside to see what it was and they found that it was just his guns, bombs and other stuff like that.

Then they found joker, joker was happy to see them and he already new the they were coming. He said well well well look what the cat dragged in, and then they looked around and soon they found out that it was a trap, Joker said today is a good day to destroy the city he said. So he made an army and go against the whole city.         

Wednesday, 8 June 2016