Wednesday, 27 May 2015

finding out 2x3 and 5x2 is

                                        Walt Instructions
                                 the first answer was for 2x3 was 6

                               because I skip counted in twos like this 2,4,6  and now the answer is
                               6 because I just showed you all. and the next answer was 5x2 and that was a
                               easy one for me because that answer was 10 and I skip counted again but this
                               time it was in tens and I'll show you again 5,10 or in twos like this 2,4,6,8,10
                               now do you get it.

Finding Out the Answer

 Walt: Solve multiplication number problems using the following strategies

                                  I had to find out the answer for 4+5 = 9 and 10x5= 50
                                  and 3x8= 24 so I just skip counted in tens,threes,just counted for 4+5

Character Description

Thursday, 21 May 2015

in the weekend At my Nana's house

In the weekend me and my sister stayed At my Nana's house till Friday till Monday morning. in the morning we had pies for breakfast,we had breakfast with my 2 cousins.Then when the sun came out and me and my sister and my cousins went outside to play on the trampoline.

for a while then we played tag and my cousin Angle was in,it was fun having a little fun with our two cousins.but then she tagged her sister Honey,then after we played a more of couple of games we just went inside to go and play with the puppies. the puppies are so cute,my aunty's dog just had them last Tuesday. a couple of hours later the puppies were resting.then all of us started to just go in the living room and went to go watch a movie.

the movie we picked was called Jumanji it was funny and a bit scary but it still kept us company.

 my mum came back from the takeaway shop and bought some fish'n chips.
It was fun at my nana's house.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

calculators skip counting in threes and fives

                                     we are trying to solve what 3x8 is. and the answer is 24 because we skip
                                      counted in the second answer was 7x5 and that answer was easy
                                       because we all skip counted in fives

reviewing a game

Reviewing A Game

Name of Game:
Link to Game
How do you score/ win: you have to watch out for the blocks and if you win you go to the next level and it keeps going up to 30.

Difficulty: 9/10
Fun: 8/10

Description: when you play run 2 you have make sure you jump left and right and space or else you will die. but when you die you start over again and watch out for were going and just have fun.

creating an info poster

Monday, 11 May 2015

reaching world war 1

Question 1 information: they eat bread and vegetables and they have Chicken and All another kind of food.

Question 2 information: they died because they Got shot by the arother people that shot them

Question 3 information: in one war they had a fight with samoa and All the countries. Archduke Franz Ferdinand

 Question 4 information: they All stayed in a big tent and they had to share it with partners.

Question 5 information: they have these holes that are already there for them to Go to the toilet. 

Question 6 information: the 1st person that died first is private William Ham he was fighting in Turkey against All Countries.

ANZAC day Assembly

JPEG Imageon Friday morning we had assembly about anzac Day. with Mr Burt and All the teachers were giving out sandwiches, cookies, cookies with cream, and marshmallows on a stick and lots of food. then after we did the Duffy certificates and sports we went outside and we . were Celebrating and talking about how the Soldiers died and some lived.

 but At the first time all the Soldiers left their families said Goodbye to them and then When they came back some were dead and some came back alive and were hurt and the nurse’s had to Get them better. so some families cried for the soldiers.

 but Then they went back to war and there were Germans, Samoans. and all the countries and for there Whuppin they used a gun and a sword or a sword on a gun . and they ride a horse because if they walk they will easily Get Shot by the one of the counties.

 and When one person Gets shot they run out and then the war starts. in the war they have these holes that they put their guns and bombs in. so that they can be safe but some stay where they are so they can't get shot.