Friday, 24 March 2017

2 Learning Evidence

for my task This week we are learning about the Rena Ship and how it crashed. It had an accident and big containers fell of and killed the sea animals and other animals too. 

Wonderful water

WALT -  Compare and contrast ideas from one text to another

Today I finished my Reading task,this is called wonderful water,it's about how some students from school went to go visit a stream and find out if it was polluted or not.


WALT -  Support all my answers with evidence from the text

Today I've just finished my reading task this week. this is about a boy named Ryder and how he did not want to drink the water because he think's its not healthy for him. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

My Trip to Polyfest

Hey guess what Team 5 went to Polyfest in Manukau sports bowl,and it was the most exciting thing in team 5,so on Thursday when I arrived at school we were getting all of our stuff ready to go,then when the 8.30 bell rang,we had to wait for a for the buses to come,then we finally went on the buses by once.

Then when we got there,The first station we went to was the AUT station with our helpers that came to help us.when we saw AUT people they introduced themselves and showed us around the AUT,the first thing we checked out was people who helps  communities,then we moved to a phone,but on the phone this Fijian lady had created a app, because in Fiji a bad storm came and it wrecked house’s, her app is like a weather person saying how the weather was gonna be.

The favorite part of the day was watching the Maori stage and eating watermelon with ice cream on top with also macadamia nuts,also getting the moko and doing the pukuna.

I learnt that some people can be creative at doing things,and helping others with communities.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Basic facts

Place value problems

Can you write the value of the underlined digit?
736298 - 6,000
63492 -  63,492
5629 - 9,562
904723 - 9,47,23
12  - 1,2
90764 -   79,064
1990   -  19,90
109842 - 109,842

Write these words in numbers.
  1. Two thousand four hundred and seventy five
  2. 2475

  1. Seventy seven thousand nine hundred and seven
  2. 7797

  1. Four hundred and sixty two thousand nine hundred and twenty two
  2. 462922

  1. Three hundred thousand and six
  2. 3006

  1. Ninety thousand one hundred and ten
  2. 90110

  1. One hundred and one thousand two hundred and one
  2. 110201

  1. Eighty thousand and one
  2. 8001


Add one thousand to these numbers:
  1. 177532 - 277532
  2. 64399 - 74399
  3. 100984 - 200984
  4. 5598 - 6598
  5. 87925 - 117925

Add ten thousand to each of these numbers:

  1. 2243 - 10243
  2. 809974 - 1809974
  3. 439088 - 539088
  4. 1265  - 10265
  5. 295712 - 395712