Thursday, 14 April 2016

Gwynn problem solving

Walt: Use our knowledge of 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s to help us solve harder multiplication and division problems

Today me and my group have been trying to solve problem solving. 

Gwynn my reading group

Gwynn Year 5/6 Camp comments

I liked sheena’s blog because she was writing about jump jam and how they had tents. Sheena wrote about who she was sleeping with in the tent. Sheena's blog When i was reading mitchell’s blog it said that his tent was falling down and their camp groups. And camp leaders. Mitchell’s blog was cool when I looked at it. He wrote who he slept with. Mitchell. I like skye’s blog because she write about that she went on other kids blog. When I was reading skye’s blog she wrote lots of writing.
What I like about eva’s blog is how she went  to papakura pools. I like eva’s blog because she write what she did for camp.Bens writing was cool and he was writing about how he went to the pools. I like how ben is writing about how he went to papakura pools. ben's blog. Eva's blog. skye's blog

Today me and my class have been looking at camp blog post. the firs one I went one was ben's, then eva's. then skye's, then went sheena and the last one mitchell's. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

fia fia 2016

On tuesday the 7th we had fia fia night, so on the day we had School and at the end of School in the afternoon we had to come at 6pm because Mr burt said that we had to be there by that time. And we had to wait at home till 6pm, and some of the kids went early and some other kids just went at the actual time, so when I got there with my mum,my sister and my friend there were lots of stores, people, kids. While some more kids were coming with their  parents some of the seniors came onto the stage to sing some songs.

And then at 6.30 Mr burt said to all of us know go to your changing rooms, so all of us went to our changing rooms and when I got there no one was there then I saw them coming and mrs lavakula opened the door so we could get our clothes. So what we did was we got our clothes and the boys had to stay in the classroom while the girls got dressed into the green room. So after I got dressed I went to the classroom were the niuean group were, so after the all the kids finished getting dressed all the girls had to go to mrs lavakula to put flowers in our hair.

So after we finished we put some oil on and also the boys and they put their sisi’s on them and while we were doing that some of the parents came to help with some things. So after we all got ready and done Zakaria's mum took a photo of us, then after Mr burt said on speaker now move to the hard court. So mrs lavakula said ok two lines right here, so we moved and they took videos,photos of us and when we went out of Room 4 some of us stepped on rocks while we were walking on the concrete. We walked threw the breeze and then we walked threw the library, Then when we went outside it was so dark. And mr burt talked and he said welcome to 2016 Fiafia. And everyone shouted so loud then the first group went up.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

hooked narrative

Did you know the ring of fire has 452 Volcano? A long time ago there were two Volcanoes right in the middle of the ring of fire. One was i woman volcano,and one was a man volcano, so the volcano up top had to sing a song Because he was lonely. and the song he sang was called i had a Dream, so he sang the song for one year.

 so he had to sing that same song and when he erupted something strange happened When he erupted the volcano underneath had erupted.and When she had erupted she had heard the other volcano singing up above the water. so she when she went up to see what he was doing then. the volcano Lady grown into a tall volcano.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Gwynn my Timetables

me and my group have been solving maths, and for maths we had to solve Timetables
and for that we did 5 timetables 2,3,10s.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Camp hook

JPEG Image
JPEG Imagethe year 5's & 6's started camp. and for camp there were names  for our camp groups and the first one was the kind crushers,kind krew, kind’a crazy, kind donators, kind legends, kind kings. My favourite part is when we went to do rollerblading and ping pong. Because the first group to do their activity was the kind legends, they went kayaking. And on the last day we went to papakura pools and when we got there some of us got change into their togs.
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