Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Guest Speaker - In Team 5

This Morning at 9:25,All of Team 5 had to meet in the street because there was a guest coming to talk to us about something,Then When Mr Patterson came to talk to us about what are we launching in our future, we knew what he was going to talk to us about. First we talked about What is our Aim for success, There were three letters A + I = M, it had taken quite time for all of us to figure it out, then some kids put up their hands The A stands for Aspiration. Aspiration means when your parents or your alarm wake's you up in the morning, Your just thinking about how is your day going to turn out, either is it going to be a great day for you or another boring day for you as always.

And Then I Stands for Inspiration, Inspiration is for when some one that inspire's you in something, some one that tells you to go for your Dream, To whatever your dream is, just go for it and never give up on that Dream. After some kids solved what inspiration means, it was on it the next letter. The Last one was M, M also stands for Motivation, It means when some one motivate's you, It was onto the next slide it said Aim for success! Aiming for success means Aiming for your future and upcoming things like going to college. because he came here to talk to the year 8's and the year 7's to. but he came to talk to the year 8's about college because it's their last year here in Team 5.

Be a Giver not a Taker. because if you be a giver then you are doing the right thing to the person your giving to. if you take from some one that means your not doing the right thing and your just Taking something that isn't the right thing to do. Because Mr Patterson was saying to us that he just came back from Australia and he got here and he said that his flight just got cancelled, and he said he had been waiting in line. There were about 100 people waiting in line, he said he saw a young couple and their 3 children that was under 5.because they were at the end if the line. so he went up to them and told them if they wanted to come to the front of the line. so they did go up to the front of the line, so he didn't Take, He gave him his spot were he was standing.

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  1. Hi Gwynn,
    This is a great post and I like how you remembered everything I spoke about this morning and especially what the formula for success is! Well done...
    Best wishes for your future,