Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Camp blog post

on tuesday the 22nd of March, we had camp and there were year 6 and 5. and we had groups too, and some of our groups were called kind krushes, kind ‘ a crazy, kind legend, kindonators,kind krew, kind kinds. So my group the kind krushes first stayed in the hall and we did rollerblading and did ping pong. JPEG Image

and we even had leaders, our leaders names were Myztique and javen.


  1. hi Gwynn, i hop ygo had fun at camp.

  2. Hi Gwynn I hope you had fun at the year five and six camp.I was reading throw you camp writing and you said year six and five. ya but I liked it how you had fun at the hall and you's where playing with the rollerblads and ping pong.wall great job on you writing.