Thursday, 21 May 2015

in the weekend At my Nana's house

In the weekend me and my sister stayed At my Nana's house till Friday till Monday morning. in the morning we had pies for breakfast,we had breakfast with my 2 cousins.Then when the sun came out and me and my sister and my cousins went outside to play on the trampoline.

for a while then we played tag and my cousin Angle was in,it was fun having a little fun with our two cousins.but then she tagged her sister Honey,then after we played a more of couple of games we just went inside to go and play with the puppies. the puppies are so cute,my aunty's dog just had them last Tuesday. a couple of hours later the puppies were resting.then all of us started to just go in the living room and went to go watch a movie.

the movie we picked was called Jumanji it was funny and a bit scary but it still kept us company.

 my mum came back from the takeaway shop and bought some fish'n chips.
It was fun at my nana's house.

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