Thursday, 21 May 2015

in the weekend At my Nana's house

In the weekend me and my sister stayed At my Nana's house till Friday till Monday morning. a and in the morning we had pies for breakfast in the morning. and then the sun came out and me and my sister

and my cousins went outside to play on the trump.
for a while then we played tag and my cousin Angle was in. but then she tagged her sister Jessie but we just call her jess for Jesse because that an easy a way to call her. then when we finish playing tag because we were so tired from playing tag.

 so we all went inside and just watch movies and laid down and just relax.

 and then my mum came from the video store to pick up some movies up. and then after we watched a movie. then we went next door to see the puppies and we played with them because there were 11 puppies and there were 4 of us.

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