Friday, 22 September 2017

Experience about Maniakalani Film festival movie

What I enjoyed doing filming in the film festival movie, well while we we like recording every body was just so excited,what I enjoyed was when it was my turn to film we had keep going back and forward to other place's because every where we went the clouds would keep on blocking the sun from my teacher trying to film me. But I really like enjoyed filming and it was fun, but when the water balloon went on my head and I had popped it my hair just got so wet, but yeah It was fun!

what did I find challenging... well what I found challenging was that my teacher had to pop two balloons on my head. and the water was so cold and we kept had to film then not film and it was so difficult. that how challenging that was for me.

what I'd do better at next time. well I hope next time that the clouds just don't keep blocking the sun so we don't have to keep going every where else and I hope I do much much better next time we film a movie like that.

Any idea's I had for the Next film I am in - if we do another film festival movie for next year. all I hope for is that I hope I come up with some better Idea's.

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