Wednesday, 15 November 2017

School Athletics on Friday

Last week we had Athletics.The whole school had came Together and met on the Hard court, when the rest of Team 5 had sat down, it was handed Ms Vaafusuaga, After Ms Finished talking Mr Burt let us go to our first Rotation. For the year 7 Girls The First Rotation we went to was Long throw,or long ball, For long ball you have to throw the baseball a Distance.

You would throw the ball and then it's the next person's turn. Long ball was fun even though some of us tried our best - some just mostly failed. After we finished Long ball,Next the year 7 girls went to Dodge ball. For Dodge ball was kinda fun because we would have to vs like the Green Team,Yellow Team, Blue Team and the Red Team. Tia was the girl that was running the Dodge ball, we had to wait a while till the next Team had lost. Then it would be the next Teams turn and they would have to vs the Team that came first.

Then when the trumpet blew it was time for us to move to our next rotation. Finally when we had finished doing Dodge ball The next rotation was volley ball, when we went on cause the red team that was my Team was versing the Green Team. The red Team almost won because if the ball just came right over then we would of hitten over and we would of won the first round of volleyball. The score for we got was 5 and 4. The next team up was yellow and blue, blue played good cause they bait the yellow Team. Even though we Tried our personal best.

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