Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Agree or Disagree

Agree Or Disagree?
Working with each other can sometimes be okay..But when it comes to those times when their Just loud and just being Annoying, That’s mostly My reason why I Disagree that boys shouldn’t be in the same class as girls. It should Just be meaning separate. Boys in boys class and girls in a girls class.

I Disagree that girls and boys should not be in the same class but same School.

My Opinion is that Because some girls and boys are friends with each other, But to me some boys in class can be Annoying,Idolise when girls are trying to do their work and just finish off what they're supposed to be doing. Well the boys just lose it. In other classes some kids say that girls and boys can help each other if they just work with each other or that…. Even some girls can be annoying to the boys but it’s the Teacher that tell them to finish off their work. The Teacher is struggling by telling the class to calm down. Idk

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