Thursday, 2 July 2015

sun smart

if you get sun burnt from the sun you will get cancer from the sun.
because you’re in the sun  but if you’re. like under a tree or on the beach still under A unbrella you won’t get sun burnt  from the sun if you’re under a shade.

always put a sun hat on or else. you will get sun burnt and when you have a sun hat on it can keep you safe. and you can play whatever you like if you do not go into the sun.
even if you're The a beach. you can still get burnt if you’re in the sun,
you have to keep your south safe.

always put on sunscreen why or Where you  are going to play outside. when you are playing outside you must put on your hat. After you finished put a blanket or a towel around you to keep you comfortable. then just lay down on something nice and cool on the sand or grass.

why is it important then just lay down on something nice and warm. Stay out of the sun and go to the shade. or put on some sunscreen why you are playing in the sun.

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