Tuesday, 21 July 2015

AT the matariki lights

In the School holidays I went To my cousins house. and me and my sister and my mum stayed there for four nights. and on Saturday me and my cousin and my aunty and my sister went to the market to see my  mum because she was doing the market with my Nana as well.

because we went there at 2 :30 and then we went to the library to read some books. and just until people start coming.  then we went and red some books  and when we finished reading some books we had to go because the library had to close down.

then after me and my sister and my cousin went back to my mum to have a feed. and then we went and had a look if the face paint was open At the house where kids Go. and then at night time at 9pm the fireworks were so big.  

Image result for matariki lights and the markets in Glen innesImage result for glen innes libraryImage result for kids getting their face paint by people

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