Monday, 15 February 2016

Gwynn Duffy Theatre

On Tuesday the 9th we had  A Duffy show at pt England School. and we had to have it in the hall. and the year 5,6,7 were there, then we had to wait for them to start. and then they started the Duffy show but the first thing we did was we had to sing the Duffy song.

After we finished singing the Duffy song they said what actors were their gonna be. and then roby said that she was going to be an old lady and a little girl. and then Duffy went through time travel to save roby’s Dad from the war.

and then duff came back with roby’s Dad because Duffy saved roby’s Dad. and she got to read.

and then it was finished and to me it was cool and amazing acting and a good show.

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