Thursday, 14 April 2016

Gwynn Year 5/6 Camp comments

I liked sheena’s blog because she was writing about jump jam and how they had tents. Sheena wrote about who she was sleeping with in the tent. Sheena's blog When i was reading mitchell’s blog it said that his tent was falling down and their camp groups. And camp leaders. Mitchell’s blog was cool when I looked at it. He wrote who he slept with. Mitchell. I like skye’s blog because she write about that she went on other kids blog. When I was reading skye’s blog she wrote lots of writing.
What I like about eva’s blog is how she went  to papakura pools. I like eva’s blog because she write what she did for camp.Bens writing was cool and he was writing about how he went to the pools. I like how ben is writing about how he went to papakura pools. ben's blog. Eva's blog. skye's blog

Today me and my class have been looking at camp blog post. the firs one I went one was ben's, then eva's. then skye's, then went sheena and the last one mitchell's. 

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