Friday, 6 May 2016

recount immersion assembly

Has your teacher made you laugh On tuesday the 2nd of may we had assembly in the hall. When we were all seated and we saw all the teachers dressed up in costumes, then team 1 came on. And their one was about what were their favourite things.

Team 2 was about all of the season, and they all did one in team 2 , They Did spring, summer, winter, autumn, And they also played a short video clip that they had made.

And then came team 3, and there one was kinder funny and in their movie they had for they teachers that were acting for the movie.
Their one was about them doing their dream home and their sharing it with four people that is living in the dream house. And they said that their house was at pt England School. And their house was inside a tent.
Then team 4 one’s is called superhero vengers. And it had mr baxendine, was bear baxendine, it had mrs moala,mr Somerville as captain america.

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