Monday, 5 September 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

One day my sister tamika went on our uncle's boat with our cousins, ngahina,api, and our aunt anahera. And they loved going fishing,so all of them went to go catch some fish, So when they went on the boat they all grabbed their fishing rods.and sometimes when they usually went to go fishing we went in the holidays, sometimes in the weekend, and weekdays. And while we were fishing we saw a seagull wash up onto shore.

So when they found the seagull just laying on the beach they took it to the doctors to see if it was ok or something was stick in it. So they took a look inside to see what it was, and when they looked inside the stomach they found some rubbish stick in its stomach. So they had to take it out of the seagulls stomach, then when the bird woke up they took back to the beach to let it go.            

Then after they finished with the seagull they went back to fishing and then a minute later they finally caught some fish, then after they finished they went back home and they were so exhausted that their parents had made them a barbeque. And they had it for dinner, then in the morning tamika found some left overs in the fruge and she ate it but then while she was eating it ngahina had some to and they ate it all up.