Thursday, 22 September 2016

My Narrative

Image result for camping in the woodsOn Tuesday for camp our year 6’s had camp, so when they went on camp they brought their bag and all their important clothes that they want to bring an that, so they also had groups that they had to pear in, their groups were called the kindonators, the  kind kings.

kind dinos, and the kind crew, So the teachers had to explain what to do` on the first day The kind crew went to go baking, so they went off while the kindonators went on the amazing race to find cules and to vs the other team that they were versing.

The Team that they were versing are the kind kings, and the other team is  doing cooking as baking brownies and chocolate chip cookies. So the first thing they had to do was they had to read the ingredients before they had to bake it, so the instructor had to explain how to make it.

And the person that was teaching us was one of the teachers from the school, so while they were doing that she decided to bake one chocolate chip and they had to bake two strays of brownies. And then when the three biscuits were ready there were some burnt one but not that kind of burnt.
And then they had lunch,  the cookies that they were baking were demolished all of the cookies that they had already baked for them while they were baking. And they said to each other ummm that was so delicious  Then at 5.00 they had dinner and already on the first night they had watched a movie and it was called hotel transylvania, when we were watching the movie some of the kids were falling asleep, then when a loud noise went boom! And it was so funny because when it went boom every kid that was falling asleep just woke up and they all got a fright.

Then after the movie they needed to go to the toilet, then after they went to their tents and they said to their teacher good night.  

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