Friday, 5 May 2017

Technological process/jellybeans and tooth picks

Today in literacy we made structure's with Jellybeans and tooth picks. after Mrs Judd split the class into 5 groups and she showed us what we had to do with it,either we were gonna make it like big or small,so she told us to do our planning,so the kids that were in my group were Syriah,Aliyah,Noah and Cyrus. we decided to make our one that wouldn't like break or fall or that, so after we had finish doing our planning one person in our group had to research "How to make Jellybeans with Tooth picks.then after we had finish searching we started to do design it,we combined it together and then when we we're nearly finished "Mrs Judd started to look at everyone else's.the first one she went to was the table next to us,she started with ,small books first then she went on with the big books and their one only lasted for only a minute,then after that she went to the other groups one and she did the same,and the books got up to 4 then it fell. and finally she moved onto my groups one,everyone gathered around to see our one then Ms started ton put the books on and it didn't fall until it got up to 7 books,it was fun making Jellybeans with tooth picks and when we finished we got to eat our jellybeans that we mad with the tooth picks.


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