Friday, 9 June 2017

Now that's Thinking

Our Group name is Royalty's. and our Chosen Idea was Chalk board and shoe rack.

Week 1
Ms Tapuke said to us that we had to get into groups of four or three.after we finished getting into our groups,we started doing our planning.

Week 2

This week we had to think about the Ideas about what we're we going to do and create when the stuff had arrived.

Week 3

Note.our group is always changing and two other girls left the group,and now it’s only three of us,but another girl came and now there’s four of us.
Week 4
This week we decided to change our plan,because we all thought that making bag holders was just boring.
Week 5
So we had made up our minds we're going to make a shoe rack and a chalk holder,because aretafaye came with making a chalk board, All we need is the stuff that we're going to write and send it to our inquiry Teacher.
Week 6
Today we started to move on to our real planning,for our Chalk board and Shoe of the girls sent the things we needed for the design’s that we're making.

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