Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining My Game

Hi my name is Gwynn and this is my game and my game is called evil Ruby. but on my game you have to try get past the snakes and make sure that you don’t get eaten by the snakes. but if you use one of your weapon like use the knife and you have to try and get the hearts.  and if you see rubbish around on the ground you can pick it up but if you don’t want to pick up the rubbish you do not need to pick it up.

my character’s name is called liusie. and she has to get past the bad men in the red jacket and if you die that's OK but still you have to still try and get that blue ruby and did you know there’s a big monster that can eat you up. and try and squash the big ugly monster and if you call his other friends.

At the End of the challenge there’s a for you and it’s a big surprise At the of the game and At the End there’s some eels.and you have to get past them by getting to eat the pie’s. and inside the pie is some gouwy stuff inside the pie but watch out for the bomb’s that they throw at you. and if you do win you get a 4 ruby’s and if you lose you don’t get anything at all.

if you need to jump you have to push a button if you want to jump and if you want to get your gun you push the c button and if you die just push the enter button ok.

my Character fixes the problem by saving the red Ruby’s and she has been watching  the men in red jacket’s and they have steeled the red Ruby’s and she is going on a mission to find the red ruby’s. goodbye see you next time

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