Wednesday, 3 June 2015

the anzac day

JPEG Imageon Friday  morning we had assembly about anzac Day. with Mr

Burt and All the teachers were giving out sandwiches, cookies, cookies with cream, and marshmallows on a stick and lots of food. then after we did the Duffy certificates and sports we went
outside and we .

were Celebrating and talking about how the Soldiers died and some lived. but At the first time all the Soldiers left their families said Goodbye to them and then When they came back some were dead and some came back alive and were hurt and the nurse’s had to Get them better. so some families cried for the soldiers.

but Then they went back to war and there were germans, samoans. and all the countries and for there Whuppin they used a gun and a sword or a sword on a gun . and they ride a horse because if they walk they will easily Get Shot by the one of the counties. and When one person Gets shot they run out and then the war starts.

in the war they have these holes that they put their guns and bombs in. so that they can be safe but some stay where they are so they can't get shot. then they went back to their families and they were happy when they came back.

The first thing I did well was detailing my Anzac writing. and I am adding my writing when I write a sentence and making sure I do full stops when I write. and making sure my sentence is making sense when I write it and giving it detail to it. and giving it new words for a sentence.I have realised that I should have put in some punctuation in my sentence so It makes sense when I put it on my blog. and so people can see it with punctuation on my blog and kids can see it to. and write a comment on my blog and see if it gets punctuation  My goal for writing is be good At writing. I have chosen this because
I have chosen to be a good writer because its fun to do writing and all kind of feature you would wanna be when you grow up. 

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