Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Holiday Writing

In the School holidays me and my family went to go see my cousin’s, we had to sleep the night there. and then in the morning me and my mum had to go to the shop and Get some milk and some bread so we could make toast and cup of tea.

and At lunch time we had some lunch, then we went to GI pools for a swim and When we got into the pools we went in the midden pool, we just played in there for 2 hours and in the pool my big cousin polly told me if I want to hop on to her.

solders and my cousin amria hopped on top of her sisters solders and then we were playing. a game and it was called who could stay underwater for long. and then me and my cousins went into the cold pool and When we got in there it was cold! , then we had to stay in there for 1 hour and then we had to get out.
but in the cold pool it was warming us up and it wasn't cold to us, so  we just played tag and then we told my   big cousin’s if they want to play  another game and they said yep, so we played a game.

and you have to go under the water and under the trump, and me and my cousin amria sat on top of the trump and my other cousins went under the trump.and when you go under it your ears get blocked by the water. and after we had to get out of the pool.

and we had to go into the changings room’s and get change. then after we went outside and we hopped in the truck and we left the pools. and we stopped at the shop to get something, then we went back home and me and my mum, sister, and my nana. had to stay over my cousins house for six days, then we went back to my house and we just went to my nana’s house.

and we stayed there for 2 days and it was so fun in the holidays. then on friday we had to go to my Dad's house and my mum dropped me and my sister off to our dads. and in the weekend we went to a birthday out to west because it was my cousin's birthday  and they were turning five years old.

When we got to the birthday we saw lots and lots of people and kids and then we went inside and it was a school, a maori school but I didn't know what was it called.  and some of my aunts were there and there was a bouncy castle there and a little park. and At the birthday there was i face paint and in the library there was some costumes and you could take photos and even take funny photos.

and then after we took photos it was time for a feed and when we had a feed there were lots of red little sausages and minus and even little mini cupcakes, there were blue, red yellow, green, regular cupcakes. and then after we had a  feed we went outside and we had a lollie scramble and all the children got lots of lollies and so did i . and then after that we had cake and when i saw the cake it was big and it looked yummy. and it was yummy. and then after that we got our goodie bags and then everybody went home and so did. and then when we got home we watched a movie and got some popcorn, and we just watched lion king two simba's pride. and that is what i did in the weekend and in the school holidays.

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