Monday, 28 August 2017

Final Speech - Friday

On Friday at 12.00 we had to go quickly into the Street. we had to sit in our home room,Kids from the other seniors had to stand and say their speech in front of the whole Team 5. three kids from each literacy got chose to do their speech. The first one up was Amelia,when she came up it looked like she was so nervous. but she stood there with confidence and she said her speech, her speech was about her nana, she said that a few years ago when she was at her old school,her nana was working,her job was cleaning, and it was a sad and a happy speech and I liked it. 

But my Favourite speech was when Roimata said her speech about the legend about the cook island's! her Speech was my favourite because how she was warning us about the cook island's and how she said that there was a story about a girl and this man was in love and then they got married,but then people heard them arguing about something,then she had died.because she either got poison. then she was also telling us that at night you could hear a woman and a baby crying, running down a mountain. Then we all clapped!

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