Friday, 11 August 2017

Skylar and Kenzie - The Haunting ghost for unfinished business

One Day me and my bestfriend Skylar we're going to Gymnastics. But before me and Skylar we're going to practice I tried to look for my phone. When Skylar called my name out “Kenzie I quickly ran to see we're she was. She was in the bathroom,I looked at her and said “what is it Skylar. She said I found your phone under the couch when I was trying to also look for my iPad cause of last night at the sleepover. Then, I thought to myself why would my phone be under the couch when last night I Just charged it and this morning it was gone.

Skylar thought that it must of been a ghost,I said why would a ghost take my phone off my charger when it was ZERO patient. Well I don’t know said Paris,it had been a mystery and when I went to go check,I already said forget it Skylar lets just go to practice or else we’re gonna be late. Ok said Skylar.

When we had got to practice we saw Luis,I quickly said hi to him before he  

Got into his car. He said Hi as well, What are you doing here,said Luis,oh me and skylar are are going practice for the Championship this Saturday for the Finals. Oh cool,well I just came because my sister told me to drop off her bag and her phone because she had forgotten it again’’. Ok then well I gotta go because I got work. Ok bye Luis I said softly.

To Be Continued......

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