Monday, 14 August 2017

Skylar and Kenzie - Under cover Ghost - Part 2

Then After I had said bye to Luis I new that he liked me,but I wasn’t supposed to be worrying Romance now because we had a problem’’. We still had a problem and still didn’t get why my phone was under the Furniture couch.

We quickly got to practice when the manager saw she said ‘You’re Late’’Again, sorry Rina,we woke up late and we forgot all about practice because we thought it was on Tuesday not Sunday. Girls we only have 10 more days until the finals. But if you want to be late again then you can kiss you’re championships final goodbye. But, but, I was speechless,going to the championships was my dream,and if I don’t go to the championships then I can’t graduate from high school.

Hey Kenzie,said skylar, yeah I said,have you seen the new update from Iris’s page,she inviting us to her Halloween party at her house. Wow I thought in my head, I’ve never been to an actual party before,well said Skylar we better get ready in an hour cause the party starts at 7.00. And we don’t want to miss out.

Practice was nearly over and I couldn’t wait to go to the party. Hey skylar, what are we gonna wear to the party, mmmm, we better go shopping then. If we want to go go go. Our practice was over, me and skylar hopped in the car and went straight to the shopping mall, when we walked into the mall I was shocked! With all the costumes so me and skylar first tried on some of the costumes then while skylar was trying some costumes on I wanted to go and look for me a outfit, then I saw this bride skeleton costume that had this bright white on it,then when skylar came out,I was holding the outfit,she was cool costume you found.

Which section did you find it,well I just saw it hanging up there we're there we're the rest of the costumes. Well you’ll look cool in that she said, Thanks. Well we better get ready. So me and skylar went back to my house to get ready,well we we're at my house we started to do our hair and makeup.

At my house we got change and we did our hair and makeup. after we got ready we both took a photo then we left the house. Hey kenz, yeah,we're are you’re parents, oh there at a university for someone, but they're not gonna be back until Friday. Hey kenz shouldn’t we be going cause it’s going to 7.00 and we better get going.

Hey there’s Iris’s house, I drove onto the side of the footpath, then me and skylar went in, Hey kenz, yeah, is every one here from school. Yep, wait wait even Luis I think so, I don't know if he's here but you know he's friends with my brother. Foreal yeah. their like been friends since they were little, and yeah. so if my brother's here then he's here.

When I had heard that Luis was skylar brother even better. I went to go and grab a drink because I was thirsty. when sky was calling for me she said it was urgent, she said when I went to go find Julie,Julie was her sister, and she was the second oldest of them and she loved her sister Julie and she had to look after her while their parents were away.

 but when she said it was urgent, she had said that she couldn't find her sister and she had wondered off somewhere with someone? 

But who,I said,I have no Idea,well we better find her said skylar,Ok but first can we first find Lucis he texted me earlier that he would meet me here at the party. Kenzie,we have to find Julie,sky,was panicking. she was gonna lose it if we didn't find her.

Suddenly we heard scary sounds coming from upstairs, um Kenz, can u hear that noise,um sky we better leave now,cause I have a feeling that something bad is going to happend. oooooooooo, something was in the room, the door slammed so hard that we had goose bumps. me and skylar didn't think that we were going to make out alive,we both think we were going to Die!

it was a ghost that was in the room and we could both see it,it had said to us, I have come to haunt you both. because I have unfinished business to do. the ghost had looked so familiar,it had seem that I'd seen it before,but when it had said that it had come back to do unfinished business, then it must of came back to kill some people.

the ghost was a teen age girl that was so pretty,but why would anyone kill an teen age girl, me and sky were meritorious,we had to figure out why she had come back. when we went down stairs we saw Julie,Skylar ran quickly to her to see if she was alright,also where she was. Julie sky said were where you,me and Kenzie were looking for you,oh I was with my friends at the back were the pool was,we checked at the pool if you were there. well then you's weren't looking properly for me.

you know what when you're with your friends I want you to stay close to me Ok,Julie. That was just weird that her sister wasn't by the pool,then we came back from up stairs she was at the pool.

To also be continued.........

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